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    You've often been complimented as the best gift giver. After all, you were the first among your friends to discover the Corkcicle. Now, you are invited to parties by celebrities you barely know just because you'll "bring it" with the best hostess gift. 

    So what's it going to be this year? Must be climate conscious, community aware, small business would be a plus...but with a high taste level...

    You came to the right page. 

    8 products
    All Friends Serving Board
    intense black city stump side tables propped
    The City Mouse Stump
    from $320.00
    The Country Mouse Stump
    from $450.00
    Stumps in white oak with a clean finish
    The Suburb Mouse Stump
    from $400.00
    Cake Stand with Cloche
    Round Trivet
    from $110.00
    Signature Coasters
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