About Ross Alan Design


Designer Emily Henderson works with the founders of Ross Alan at the boutique lumber yard.

Being an artist first and artisan by trade, reclaimed wood was an effortless love. However what comes to mind for most people when they hear "reclaimed wood", is not my style. 
Let's pause. Century+ barn wood is magical. Nails used were hand-poured on site. There's a patina that obviously took over a hundred years to produce and cannot be replicated. Pro tip:: If while looking for a beautiful wood furnishing for your home, you find an option for a reclaimed aesthetic finish, please walk away because that's simply not possible. I won't even get into how it dances with a fumed finish or smells next to a small-batch whiskey.
My style explores simplified sophistication, modern nostalgia and playful and unexpected textures. Over the years, I'm inspired daily by my incredible team and the discerning clients that match these exact traits. This has resulted in timeless quality pieces that stand on their own with a definitive point of view. 
And after 100+ years of holding up traditional styles, our sustainably sourced barn wood whole-heatedly agrees that it's time for a change.