Round table with black wooden top and natural colored oak legs in "X" shape

Round Tables

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    Round tables bring a closeness to the dining space. They invite tell-all conversations and lively spirits. Possibly because it's easier to finish a bottle of wine when everyone is equally close. After dessert you can spin that bottle on our "Lazy Georgie"  but who knows where that will lead?

    5 products
    The Gathering Table - Natural
    from $3,490.00
    The Boujee Baby - Intense Black
    from $3,420.00
    Round Table. Vintage Beechwood top. Blonde maple hues. Black matchstick base.
    The Boujee Baby - Natural
    from $3,490.00
    The Gathering Table - Intense Black
    from $3,415.00
    The Middle Child
    from $3,265.00
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