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LYNX ($12.50 PER SQ FT)

This beautiful silver, glowing material is resourced from Snow Fencing and Corral Boards throughout the upper region of the United States. From it’s location on where it sits on the map, cold winter days and hot summers, the UV rays frost this wood to a shimmer. Just like a LYNX, it sits quietly and creeps up slowly in a room.  It's even tones and subtle variations in texture add an astounding highlight to a modern & contemporary space, giving it a bit of warmth without overpowering a room. The gray tones are also a neutral palette to go with any decor or color. 

All Material is sold in 20+ square foot bundles of 5/16’s inch thick planks that vary in length between 2 and 5 foot. Available in an even mix of 3.5” and 6” wide faces Alternate options available upon request.

When ordering material, its best to add 10% -15% more than the square footage of your surface. After making cuts during your building process, all the small bits of run off add up and will take away for your initial square footage needed. You can always order more, but to save yourself the time, make sure you get enough to finish the job the first time through.

Not sure if Lynx will suit your space? Click here to order a sample size!