Summertime Q&A with Georgie

Summer is in full-swing and it's way too soon for back-to-school sales. Instead, let's keep the dreamy swoon of lazy days and sunshine front and center. Unless you're in the Kidder family, which means you are very, very busy!

Small trivet with bread loaf

What’s going on at the shop these days that puts a spring in your step?

Wrapping up some very large projects which consumed a lot of our space over the last several months. Our projects are all very different and fun!

Design trends. Which new trend do you love and are there any that you wish would go away?

I’ve noticed a lot of ‘round’ furniture trends in the mix. Round legs, round tops, large round bases. It puts a soft edge to what we do which I love. Things I wish would be more popular (not go away) would be Reclaimed Red Oak. It is so beautiful but people don’t give it a chance! We just finished some beautiful red oak shelves for a client and what we were able to bring out of the red oak is priceless!

Many of your designs can be manufactured for outdoor use, like accent walls, beams and tables. What is different in the process to ensure that a lifetime quality product stands-up to the outdoors?

All three of these are different processes for outdoor usage, but we do our best to keep in mind the situation they are in (under a covered patio, direct sunlight, beach, etc.). Southern California sun isn’t the easiest, but we do our best to be sure they hold up. Maintaining is always the follow through that needs to happen with the client. Once a year, slap on a coat of poly or finish. Super easy to do and doesn’t take a professional to do this when maintaining your outdoor products.

What’s your favorite outdoor activity this time of year?

Our family's favorite summer activity is going on long bike rides. We enjoy anything in the great outdoors and go camping a lot as well. This year, I also personally got into my garden which I planted with my kids. Growing your own food is so rewarding!

With at-home al fresco dining to be enjoyed, which of the new products from your home goods line do you find yourself grabbing the most?

My personal favorite right now that I keep finding myself grabbing is our large trivet. It looks good for serving a cheese board on and it also looks great as the centerpiece on our counter top with a beautiful vase of flowers.

You’re moving the headquarters (boutique lumber yard, showroom, manufacturing and offices) to a new location this fall! What are you most excited about for the customer experience?

We have loved our space in North Hollywood. It is where we got our start in our company and we have been able to build so many relationships through that space. What I am most excited about in the new location is the amount of space that we have and the jobs we will be able to take on from it. It’s more efficient and bigger, so this will also help with speeding up our delivery times on projects which I think everyone will benefit from.

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