Founder Q&A : Fall Season Fun

 It's mid October which is the perfect time to talk turkey. In this Q&A with our founders, we learn all about how they frolic in the leaves. 

The Kidder family

You two met as baristas in LA. What do you think of pumpkin spiced lattes? 

Ross: Pumpkin spice lattes. I will have one maybe every three years.  If I’m going to have a latte I stick pretty darn close to a double latte with one pack of sugar in the raw. It's The right way to drink a latte. 

Georgie: I personally look forward to this time of year JUST so I can justify having a sugary latte.  All year long I am a tried-and-true Americana drinker.  It doesn’t really cool off here in LA until the end of October and that’s when I start ordering my pumpkin spiced latte with 1/2 the amount of pumps and almond milk.

Tell us about a favorite Thanksgiving memory from your childhood.

Ross: I remember my older cousin Bryce taught me how to lick my fingers and put out a candle by squeezing the fire with wet fingers.  We did this at the Turkey table and it got a little messy. I ate my feast with wax covered hands that year.

Georgie: The time we went to my Aunt Dee Dee’s house for Thanksgiving. We all gathered around the table to get ready to eat and my aunt began cutting into the turkey to slice it up for everyone.  As she did, she got a really strange expression on her face and seemed to be confused. She then began taking this sack out of the turkey which happened to be the giblets pouch!  She is a very lively one, so she started to freak out and then my dad casually asked her “Hey Dee, did you not clean the bird out before cooking it?” There was a LOT of laughter and we ate the turkey anyway!

How do you carve your pumpkin?

RossI like to let the pumpkin speak to me.  It tells me what it's going to be. 

Georgie: I carve my pumpkin with a cheat sheet.  Not gonna lie.  I usually go for the easiest one too.  I started using a jigsaw the past few years and that makes it even easier. But don’t try that if you are not familiar with saws.  

Now that you’re parents, what fall traditions do you have as a family? 

Ross: We also have a couple key decorations that we bring out every year and you can just see it in the kids face that it brings the holiday season to life.  Like this old cackling witch we have.. Ekk ekekekek!!

Georgie: We go to Underwood Farms in Simi-Valley for their fall festival. There are many activities to do on the farm and so many pumpkins to choose from. Our kids love this tradition a lot.

With all of the gorgeous kitchens you’ve created, (including your own!), I imagine you enjoy crafting some fall comfort dishes. What wins the pie battle: Apple or Pumpkin? 

Ross: I am sucker for pumkin pie with whipped cream.  

Georgie: I am a sucker for Apple pie. Old fashioned apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!  YUM.

As folks prepare for big meals, which of your tables do you love for large gatherings? 

Ross: The Barn-to-Table!! It just looks like the perfect place to set a turkey!  

Georgie: For a large gathering I would definitely say the Grateful table. The legs on the table allow a lot of options for pulling up extra chairs to accommodate more than the norm. Because the legs do not protrude out and are inset, it makes it super easy. Also for kids you can double down at both ends of the table. :)

Has working with and creating furniture shifted how you think about gathering? 

Ross: Tables are a place to enjoy food, friends, family, laughter etc..  it is the epicenter of relationships in my opinion. Therefore, our job of making tables and furniture is one of matrimony. We help bring people together.  

Georgie: Yes and no. I believe it has evolved how we gather. But if I am being honest, it has changed my “Honey-do” list for Ross…

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