My Story

I cannot tell you the amount of excitement I get from old used wood.  Something about the the rust bleeding from nail holes that are 90 years old.  The waffle marks of a misfired hammer swing made decades if not centuries ago.  The tight grain of a slice of wood pulled out of its natural territory before "we" really cared about the damages of clear cutting a forest.  Old growth.  Just the thought of it makes my knees week and my heart start to tremble.

Years ago, I came home from working on a film project that paid me next to nothing.  I was broke.  I needed to come up with a Christmas present on a zero budget.  I found several pieces of wood on the side of the road, and a baby crib.  I built a table and sliced the baby crib in two and built chairs to go with it.  The table was a hit and it really inspired me to build more.  But I wanted to give building materials a chance that could very well be on their way to the dump.  Hence, after years of refining... reclaimed wood has become my main instrument in creating furniture pieces.  

I use every piece of wood I bring into my shop; the scrap is made into wall art, and the sawdust is turned into mulch. My carbon footprint is looking pretty good, and I take pride in that. 

I'm originally from the Midwest, and that's where I have made friendships and ties with some amazing people that tear down old barns. This is a process that takes great care and precaution in order to save the precious jewel of barn wood.  It is by far, a superior wood to design and build commercial and residential spaces.

If you're in the area, come experience our store and barn wood supply in North Hollywood, CA!