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($7 PER SQ FT)

Our newest addition to the Ross Alan Family! Our "Bobcat" comes from our native California Redwood trees. Used as fencing in the coastal areas of Northern California, the sea breeze and years of exposure to the sun gives a rich texture screaming "California Dreaming!" Being a locally sourced product not only helps to keep its carbon footprint down, it also makes this a very affordable product for your space. Sold in 25 square foot bundles ready to go. Bobcat is milled to 1/4" thick with 7" face width and lengths of 45-55".

When ordering material, its best to add 10%-15% more than the square footage of you surface. After making cuts during your building process, all the small bits of run off add up and will take away from your initial square footage needed. You can always order more, but to save yourself the time, make sure you get enough to finish the job the first time through.